Hole in solar panel

When I arrived at the cabin, I found that one of my panels has a small hole through it, much like a rock hole in a car windshield. The panel is still generating some power. If I just seal over the whole to prevent water leaking under the glass, is there any downside?


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    Re: Hole in solar panel

    Well, tape sealed over the hole will help some, didn't the glass completly shatter, or is this a homemade panel ?

    When vater vapor gets in and condenses (like in a wristwatch), you cannot get it out, and eventually the cells metal plateing corrodes and the panel is dead.
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    Re: Hole in solar panel

    You can buy a kit at most auto parts stores that's made to repair "bulls eyes" in auto windshields. It's made by Permatex and costs about $6 (last time I got one).

    There's a syringe that adheres to the windshield and draws a vacuum, then fills the bullseye with a resin that hardens by exposure to ultraviolet light (sunshine).

    Would this fix your hole?

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    Re: Hole in solar panel

    if the hole is too large that windshield repair kit won't work too well. look over this item from another thread.