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My wife, son, and I are building a small (16 x 32) home hare in Washington. My question involves our well; it's about 125' and is Artesian. Flow is about 3 gpm.

What would be a good pump to use for both the house and for filling a 1-2000 water tank for the garden? The tank will be about 15' above the wellhead and 120' away. The house has a second half-bath in the attic.

I would prefer a 12vdc pump to move the water through a set of filters (iron and manganese) and a Reverse Osmosis system for drinking water.

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    Re: Artesian

    İf it is an artesian well it may well have adequate pressure on it's own.

    İf you mean to say spring then no pressure is available.
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    Re: Artesian

    Water flows at about 3GPM but little pressure. I need to pump at a 7-10 GPM rate to the house at about 40-60PSI for the filter and the Reverse Osmosis system. Are 12-24VDC pumps any good? Reliable? Should I plan on another inverter and a 120VAC pump?
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    Re: Artesian

    You get what you pay for in DC pumps. The cheap ones will last if designed right for 3 to 5 years. A good 24Vdc or 48Vdc pump is going to cost up near $800 and up. It is hard to beat a generic AC powered pump for cost and longevity. Efficiency is where the DC pumps are unbeatable. See the store here!
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    Re: Artesian

    And there is the AC pump (typically 3 phase) and a Variable Frequency Drive Controller (VFD--don't know anything about company or product--just a link for education)... If your needs are large enough, may be a good solution for you.

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