They Look Like DEKA's !

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Hi all,
I'm afraid of the answer but I will ask it anyway. I was given (4) 8D "solar" batteries with a March 09 Date code. They look like DEKA but the label is missing. Grey container with black lid and "do not remove" caps. I don't know the history but my concern is they are sunk in around the vent caps. Almost like an internal vacuum. Am I wasting my time with these? Any tests I can do other than the timed 1amp load until 10.5v SOC?



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    Re: They Look Like DEKA's !

    Charge them up and do a load/time test. But NOT to 10.5 volts. They will be toast if you go that low. Run them down to 12.0 volts. This is about 50% SOC.
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    Re: They Look Like DEKA's !

    What's their standing voltage before you do anything? If you are measuring 7 or 9 volts, they've sulphated, and now you get the expense of carting them to Toxic Waste.

    Charge and try.
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    Re: They Look Like DEKA's !

    Thank you for the answers. I'll only load test them to 12.0v as n3qik suggested. I did use the cheapo load tester we have at work, the kind that puts a couple hundred amp load for tens seconds. None of them read bad. The standing voltage was 12.8v on all of them. I'll charge them up and hopefully I'll get lucky.