Go green all the way!!!!

I am looking to purchase solar panels and inverters batteries for the people in Haiti who lost everything; Please help.


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    Re: Go green all the way!!!!

    Do you have a plan for how much power you want to supply? A few lights, radio--or something larger for refrigerator, TV, etc...

    Are you looking for something that will last a few years or are you looking for something with longer lasting panels/hardware/batteries?

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    Re: Go green all the way!!!!

    Think this through,,, Avoid the Ready, fire, aim syndrome that may come with all good intentions.
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    Re: Go green all the way!!!!

    Sounds more like a "help send me money" .... so I can help the people in Haiti

    If you want to help, just donate to the Red Cross or other credible relief organization, one doesn't just send materials
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    Re: Go green all the way!!!!

    here's the link to the open source plans for the BYU solar funnel cooker
    can't hurt !
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    Re: Go green all the way!!!!
    rbelot wrote: »
    I am looking to purchase solar panels and inverters batteries for the people in Haiti who lost everything; Please help.

    if you are going to purchase these items then the link for the store is at the top of the forum. if you are soliciting for $ we have no way of knowing the legitimacy of the charity involved if any at all. as such i view what you are doing as a get rich quick schemer unless you can show otherwise.
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    Re: Go green all the way!!!!

    Rbelot if you are genuine you are going to find that sending solar equipment to Haiti or any place like that is useless. Who is going to install it ?? Who is going to explain its limitations and how to use it? Who is going to provide on going service work on the equipment if a malfunction occurs?? In general people have no idea that most solar electricity systems have very limited output and you cant just go adding on items like lights etc almost without limit like you can on a grid system. I know this from sad experience that has happened in other third world countries .

    You also dont show who you are. What experience you have in coordinating the collection and distribution of aid items. You say you "want to buy solar panels batteries etc" with who's money? yours ? collected money?? Are you a registered charity?:confused:
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