Pole Mount Recommendations

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Hi, I'm looking at a Zomeworks 168 pole mount passive tracker that will hold 6-8 Suntech 270's. As the total amount of panels I want to install is 14, my question is is there a less expensive solution than buying 2 of these? Thanks


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    Re: Pole Mount Recommendations

    Does it need to be a tracker ? What if you had 2, just offset 20 deg from each other? That's going to be a pretty big sail sticking up too. I'd suggest Powerfab, but I've got only a couple months on them, but they did hold up in a gusty wind last month.
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    Re: Pole Mount Recommendations

    Yes, it has to be at least a passive tracker. I'll look into Powerfab. Any idea how they compare to Zomeworks?
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