Trimetric 2020 battery charger

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Just a quick question...

Is it nessecary to have a breaker/fuse between the Trimetric 2020 battery charger and the battery bank?
If yes, what size?
I was not able to find the info in their online manual and Bogart Engineering has not responded to my email.

Thank you in advance!


  • icarus
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    Re: Trimetric 2020 battery charger

    If memory serves, a little ~3 amp auto fuse is wired on the + side of the battery. Anything connected to the battery should have a fuse regardless. Short circuit any wire and it will heat up, Even the little #18 wire could carry the full amp capacity of the battery (until it burned up).


    (I thought that Bogart supplied the wire and the fuse holder).
  • hillbilly
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    Re: Trimetric 2020 battery charger

    I think that it's even smaller than 3 amps, my manual recommended a 2amp fast blow fuse. I just hooked up one of those in-line holders from an auto parts store and dropped a 2amp fuse in that. I don't think that the fuse and holder necessarily come with a trimetric (mine didn't).
  • RCinFLA
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    Re: Trimetric 2020 battery charger

    I have 48v system and use a 1/2 amp slowblow. Doesn't take much power. The segment LED display draw most of its power.

    Installation instructions says 2 amp fastblow. When first connected there is a surge that charges bypass caps.