getting 12V out of a 24V panel?

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Hi there,

I have a Shell PowerMax Ultra 175-P panel with the following specs (copying the rear label here)

max power: 175w
short cir.curr: 5.43A
rated current: 4.95A
open circ. volt.: 44.6V
rated voltage: 35.4V

so this seems to be a traditional 24V (nominal) panel, right?

it has a : Junction box type: ProCharger™ IP54

more specs here:

can I get the 175w in (nom) 12 v out of the panel or only in (nom) 24V form???



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    Re: getting 12V out of a 24V panel?

    You can only get 175W at 35.4V

    You can use a MPPT type controller, and let it down-convert to 12V, then you would get 175W @ 14V (12.5A) remove 20% for warm panel losses.
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    Re: getting 12V out of a 24V panel?

    This is about the only reliable controller that will do that
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