New Refrigerator?

Hi All,
I have a refrigerator that uses 392 kwh per year. I am dreaming about a bottom freezer french door beauty that uses 465 kwh per year. I have a 1500 watt system with 12 panels and 8 Rolls batteries. I am floating or absorbing most days between noon and 2pm and my system works great with the use of a back-up generator only on a fully cloudy day, and then only for a small amount of time.
My main concern is that the new refrigerator will be consuming so much additional power that I will be 'in the red' and have to use my generator significantly more than I do now.
All comments welcome.


  • nielniel Solar Expert Posts: 10,300 ✭✭✭✭
    Re: New Refrigerator?

    from what you say it may necessitate a few days more with a genny backup, but all in all i think you'll be fine. that new refrig means an extra 200wh per day being drawn. if that bothers you then get another pv to make up for it.
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    Re: New Refrigerator?

    That power is not too bad.

    I could not convince my wife to go with the bottom drawer freezer. She is too spoiled with the side-by-side model.

    The bottom drawer freezer has got to be much better for efficiency since it won't 'dump' a massive amount of cold air out when opened like the side-by-side does.
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    Re: New Refrigerator?

    The bottom drawer fridge/freezer we have, has no bottom in the drawer !

    The saving grace is that there is not a lot of residual heat in air, compared to a pint of milk
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    Re: New Refrigerator?

    There is one saving grace of side-by-side with front door ice dispenser. Not having to open the freezer to grab a couple of ice cubes is some consolation.
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