Secondary Charge controller

Hey guys I’ve talked with a few people and here is my scenario,

I have two strings coming back from my second pv array #10 two negatives and two positives 
Coming back to a 60 VictronConnect  mppt

im looking at some information at how to combine these properly and what kind of protection is needed prior to adding it to my inverter. 

A line diagram would be amazing thanks ahead of time.


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    I think you need to explain a bit more about your situation.

    Traditionally your array would go to a charge controller then into your battery/system. Also they would usually be combined at the array and a single set of connectors brought to the Power Center (Charge controller, Inverter, with breakers/fuses) 

    Are you saying "60 VictronConnect  mppt" is your charge controller? If you have 2 sets of coming from your array because they have different VMP/IMP then you should use 2 different charge controllers. 

    To properly figure this out, what is needed, system nominal voltage and the VMp of the strings of solar panels would be needed.
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