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We purchased this inverter from Northern AZ Wind and Sun years ago. My husband is a master at running it but he passed away last July. I am trying to learn how to equalize our batteries. He equalized often and it was probably done last a year ago. Batteries are still in the green according to the hydrometer and I've kept them serviced nicely. I know they need to be equalized.

We have a Honda Diesel Generator that is hooked remotely to the inverter. According to the manual, I should turn the generator using the GEN MENU and moving the curser to ON. After the generator starts then I should move the curser to EQ. I have done this several times with the same results. The generator starts, I move it to EQ. The generator runs for 3-5 minutes then shuts off. 

Am I missing a step?


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     ( I don't have the Trace, but these are the steps I'd use.   You may have to get help, to get the right commands for the solar to do the EQ
     Diesel generators don't like to be run lightly loaded, they don't get hot enough to burn off the internal carbon deposits  )

    Yes.  First the batteries have to be fully charged.   I would suggest running the generator early morning for an ordinary charge, as if it was raining.   Then when the batteries are full, you shut off the generator, and command the Solar to perform the EQ.

    The EQ takes little power, and running a generator will waste fuel, so let the generator perform the Bulk of the charging, and let the solar do the EQ.   There are seldom enough solar hours to allow the sun to both Charge and EQ the batteries in 1 day
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    What kind of charge controller's do you have? Eq is usually done thru the charge controller.
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    I assume the inverter is locking onto generator.  The blinking AC2 LED should turn solid and you hear the relay clunk indicating it connected to generator.  If it does not, make sure you don't have circuit breaker open between generator and inverter.

    The SW4024 has a timer that needs to set.  Both charging absorb time and equalization time need to get set.  It is in menu 10. To get into setup menus (above normal user menu 8) you have to hit red and green buttons simultaneously.  It may take a couple of attempts.  Once it takes you can cursor to setup menus above menu 8.  If you cursor back down to lower normal user menus it will lock you out of setup menus again and you have to hit red/green buttons again to get into setup menus again.

    I typically set absorb time for 1 to 2 hours and 1 hour for equalization, but it depends on your battery type.  For equalizing, it is hard on battery so you should follow battery manf. recommendations.  Make sure you check electrolyte levels as equalization uses a lot of water.
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