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Bill suggested I start a new thread to discuss my solar system, so here it is.
I have the system bought and set up already, but I am still very new to the solar thing so I don't fully understand all the terms and such. Also not sure if I have the charge settings all correct.
My inverter/charge controller is a Sol-Ark 12k. I have 2 strings of 72 cell Mission solar panels, 8 panels per string 340 watt panels in one and 385 watt panels in the other. I have16 Surrette, L16, 445ah lead acid batteries.
I bought a 9000 watt Predator Generator, but I couldn't get it to charge. The one tech I talked to thought it might be because the voltage from the generator was jumping around to much. Has anyone else had that problem with Predator generators?


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    Try connecting a load, preferably a resistive one like a heater or kettle to stabilize the generators voltage whilst attempting to charge, the open circuit voltage may well be erratic, once connected and charging, the load can be removed.
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    In the case of my XW+, it is very fussy about the quality of power it will accept from the generator.  And, the default charging setting is 140amps!  That's more than my generator can put out.

    By reducing the charge density to about 40amps, it will qualify most of the time.  On occasion, when the generator is not running at it's best, I need to inch down the charge setting to about 10amps, let the inverter qualify the power when the generator is on a light load, then inch it back up to 40amps over 5 minutes or so.  Doing it that way, I can get the inverter to reach a higher amperage setting, then starting it out that way.

    So, go into your inverter's charging settings, and play with the incoming amps, and see if that helps it qualify.
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