Conext Gateway and CSW Events

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I installed a CSW4024, Battery monitor and Conext gateway in February.  I was wondering if I have something configured wrong or if it will not show me in the event log that I failed over to battery and then back to grid.  I fail over to battery several times a week and I get notifications from a UPS that I have plugged into another circuit not on my critical loads panel.  The only events I have ever seen in the even section were when I was having battery charging issues (which have since been resolved).  So I know that the events section works.


  • Nitr0Nitr0 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Also, I'm at the latest firmware version on all devices.
    Conext Gateway - v1.12 build 450
    CSW4024 - v3.12.00 build 1
    BatteryMon - v1.01.00 build 100

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    Should show history of events back as old as COMBOX in 2009 if you had a system that old. Did you check logs? I do not have a CSW in my system rather an XWP. You should see something also in the SCP faults and warnings for each device as well as system.

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  • Nitr0Nitr0 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I checked Logs and there are no logs besides Sev: Information.  They are all from source SCB.  I don't have an SCP because it was out of stock everywhere I tried to get one since December.  Is this possibly why I don't have the alerts?

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