UPS Battery in RV application question

I just picked up some used UPS batteries and would like some input on whether I could use them in my RV? I now have 2 6volt 80 amp hr. batteries in series. I would wire 2 of these in parallel. 


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    Assuming the existing batteries are deep cycle, and or are different from the newly aquireed standby batteries, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to connect in parallel and expect positive results..... in the long term. There may be, or probably are, different charging profiles, which will adversity effect one string or the other, or both. 

    Even with identical batteries in parallel, there are challenging circumstances where one battery, or cell within a battery becomes lower in state of charge thus rendering the whole bank useless, adding further potential problems is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion, others may have different views.
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    UPS batteries are designed for only a dozen or so, deep cycles, So expect to be disapointed
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