Midnight classic vs Battery Monitor %

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Can someone tell me what these 2 are showing such a difference in the % but yet the volts are very close. 


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    If they are both using a shunt based meter, the info is only as good as what has been told to the equipment.

    Volts is a poor way of estimating battery capacity in a active system.

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    The one with the properly wired shunt and configuration is right..
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    There is also the possiblity that the Battery Monitors are both shunt based (measuring current * time * direction) properly... But they tend to drift over charge/discharge cycles. Many (some/most/all?) BMS will reset to 100% State of Charge with absorb voltage is held for X hours... If it has been a while since the absorb voltage has been held for a few hours, BMS drift is possible. 

    Also, many BMS will have various settings (absorb voltage, absorb time to resync to 100%, battery AH capacity, battery "efficiency", etc.)... Another source of possible "drift" between units.

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