XW Pro 6848 AC1 & AC2 charger settings

Trying to configure our system to mainly use the solar during the day, batteries at night, if battery voltage drops to my set point of 48.5 Generator automatically comes on with the AGS unit, but if my generator goes offline for some reason (overheat, fuel, ect.) How can i config the AC1 (Grid) to come on automatically and charge the system to 80%. Right now the generator will auto start and auto off on my settings.


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    Welcome to the forum LimeConch,

    I cannot help with the programming--But a couple of questions.
    • First (roughly) where are you located?
    • You have grid power--Why choose the genset first, then grid for charging?
    • Is generated power "cheaper" per kWH vs grid power? (gensets run around 3-6 kWH per gallon of fuel--Depending on type of fuel/loading/etc.)
    • Do you have enough solar panels to run "off grid" with your normal loads?
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    Northern Bahamas, $0.45 per kw grid power, very unstable grid power, Plenty of panels for off grid, just cloudy days, large system, 4-6848 inverters, 4 charge controllers, 32-6 volt AGM 440 batteries, Large house with major AC systems, system does great except for cloudy weekends when weather is hot. AGS unit installed with Gateway for monitoring and doing system tweaking.
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    There is an AC input  priority setting on the XW 6848 choose advanced > AC settings> AC priority, choose desired AC input priority. this is from Schneider FAQ 
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    Yes have the system set up as AC2 priority, just need to get the AC1 settings correct for charging the batteries and not using the grid except for a last resort

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    What does your installer say?
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    installing myself, and have had no issues with the units starting and running Generators for battery charging as voltage drops to set point. Having issues setting up AC1 to charge the batteries if the Genera
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