Conext SW 4048 inverter

Issue - inverter energizes for a few seconds then powers off. 

System is as follows
48v, 100ah lifepo4 battery
Schneider electric Mppt 60/150 charge controller
Conext SW 4048 inverter
Midnite solar e-panel
9, 320w solar panels - 3 strings with 3 panels each
Combiner box for PV
SCP for the inverter
Conext gateway combox

All wiring has been completed per the wiring diagram provided by schneider electric. Closing the breaker to energize the charge controller, the charge controller energizes appropriately.

 When I close the breaker to energize the inverter (with the charge controller energized) the inverter energizes for a few seconds then powers off. Multimeter reads 55.4v on the inverter breaker terminal before closing inverter breaker. Once closed, voltage rapidly drops to around 3v. Battery support said this behavior is by design when the battery protection mechanism engages. 

Battery monitor shows a spike at the point of the breaker closing. Then Sharp drop.

If I leave the charge controller off and close the breaker to the inverter, inverter powers up.

In addition, I have the SCP attached to the inverter via the xanbus connection. If I also connected the conext gateway combox via the xanbus, the same behavior is displayed. Inverter energizes for a few seconds then powers off.

So this looks to me like I don't have enough power supplied to energize all the equipment. I've been looking for troubleshooting/diagnostics information on the inverter but haven't been able to find anything other than the install guide.

Charge controller appears to be functioning properly as it shows bulk, float, and absorption charge appropriately. 

Thanks for any assistance


  • mcgivormcgivor Solar Expert Posts: 3,739 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    When the battery is connected to the inverter initially it draws high current to charge the capacitors, this may be higher than the BMS will tolerate thus disconnects the load, most likely case.  
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    Try getting/using a 250w incandescent Flood Lamp and use that too slowly precharge the inverter capacitors.  it  may wake up and complain about low voltage, but eventually power on, and  THEN flip the breaker

    Batt +  ----------- 120V 250W flood lamp  ----------------- + inverter input

    The idea is to bypass the breaker and allow the  flood lamp to limit current flow till the caps get charged up to 24v.

    But you have a bigger issue,  Your inverter is way larger than your small Li battery can safely support.  you may be triggering the battery BMS several times a day - won't that be fun.
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