How much time does it take to Make concrete Blocks for Solar Structure.

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As per title.


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    Concrete curing is a very complex subject, the process begins as soon as the mixture is prepared, contrary to popular belief concrete dosent dry, it cures as part of a chemical reaction process. The time required depends on many factors, temperature, humidity, mix ratio and strength required.

    For general purpose premix, the pour will harden within 24 hours, gaining acceptable strength in a week, if not structural there is little need to provide hydration unless in very low humidity extremely hot environments, if mixing with Portland cement, sand and stone, follow the mix ratios to obtain the strength desired, which  are generally printed on the bag  of cement.

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    embed approved anchors in the concrete as it's poured, instead of trying to drill holes later and lock bolts in,
    The longer it cures before drying out, the stronger it becomes.  Most mix strength numbers are for a 30 day wet cure.
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    Don’t neglect to use steel reinforcing bar.  Or to embed it correctly to avoid moisture/rust issues.