Charge Controllers and Max Array Watts

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I am looking to add a 3rd array to my system. I have 10 Trina 250 watt panels available. I currently use 2 FM60s on my other arrays and have a Mate3 for monitoring/programming. The specs for the FM80 I am looking at, say max array is 2000 watts and max amps are 80.The panels are rated at 8.85amps short circuit current which would exceed the 80amps. I planned to have 5 strings of 2 panels each to come in at 44.25amps. But the array wattage would still exceed the 2000 specified. Would I be safe in going foward?


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    Under most conditions the 2500W array will only generate ~1900W, the only time it would approach or exceed the rated output is if in extreme cold. The best way to determine the compatibility is to use Outback's string sizing tool
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    The OB FM60 & FM80 CCs  also have a maximum total PV Isc Limit of 48 and 64 Amps respectively.   These limits are generally fairly difficult  to to exceed,  without running all PVs in parallel ("strings" of one PV),  or really excessive over-PVing the CC.

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