domestic grid solar panel to charge 12v dc

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I have an  older timber cruiser, perminantly moored which requires intermittent use of a bilge pump. I have  a few bilge pumps for reliability and backup, but the basic power system on the boat is powered by a single N70 12v battery. I currently have an older Solarex  40w panel which has lost capacity and needs replacement. 
However, I do have some 190w x 48v domestic grid panels surplus after upgrading my home grid system and was wondering if I could use a transformer to drop the voltage or do I need a specialized controller?
Perhaps not possible at all...
I have reasonable 12v knowledge, but not up to date with full electronic and electrical jargon.
It seems silly to pay for a new 12v panel if I can convert a 48v panel at minimal cost


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    You can use a MPPT type charge controller to drop the voltage and correctly charge your battery bank.

    They are NOT inexpensive. Seems I heard recently of a couple other marine sealed charge controllers, but I would generally recomend a Midnite Solar Kid inverter.

    MidNite Solar The Kid Marine MPPT Solar Charge Controller in Black

    Charge controllers are rated at output amperage, so you might want too use Midnites's string sizing tool to figure out how many panels you could put on it.
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    Thanks ill check it out
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    you CAN use a simple PWM charger with your 48V panels. but the charger must be rated to the Voc of the panels.  You will not get the full  190 w , but only will harvest the amps the panel can produce.
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