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Another new subcontractor replacing a power pole a couple of guys digging the hole by hand ? Two and a half days with a roto hammer and shovels in this heat and smoke . They did have a pop up shade cover over the hole they have done several over the last few weeks . Whatever happened to a auger ? maybe its time and material ? its always a new company inspection / tree trimming / line and pole repairs my transformer pole and trees have been inspected at least six times this year . Another rate increase coming with all these brand new trucks driving around . My rant for today and my power was out the other day all day while they replaced another pole lol .
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    I hear you !  They are all over up here in Mariposa replacing poles and underground service that ground squirrels were not supposed to be able to get at down 3+ feet. I have a friend at PGE that I see in town. He was the one who told us almost 30 years ago we would not make it thru the first winter without PGE. He still tell me he can send a truck  ;)
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