Run 1.5h pool pump off solar

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I’m trying to run my pool off solar I have 2 250watt panels a 30a solar controller 3000/6000 inverter and a deep cycle battery ok when I plug in pump it came on and went back off what I’m I missing to keep it running 


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    What voltage/capacity is the battery and gauge of battery to inverter conductors, if not sized correctly the voltage will drop rapidly causing the inverter to shut down on low battery cut off. The array is obviously too small to support such a large load if used for any length of time, you need to calculate everything to build a system that will work, there not enough information at this point.
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    Going to need a lot more power to run a 1.5hp pump   And a large, Pure Sine inverter. 
      look in the chart below for 1.5hp
     46A @ 230V for starting = 10,580 watts
     12A @ 230V running = 2,760 w
      Throw in 30% more for the Power Factor losses, 4Kw continuous load is what you are looking at.

    Change my mind.

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