Hertz dropping on Conext 6848Pro

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We are off grid and had a Schneider system installed with 3 of the "new" 6848 Pro inverters. Been complete nightmare. Our installer has been installing for 10 years and has hundreds of the earlier versions installed and said he's never seen anything like this.  When ags shuts generator off, all the arc faults (code here) trip and well pump won't run.  The install tech discovered that the hertz drops to 45 when the generator shuts off, but ONLY with the AGS. It doesn't do this when we use the manual switch. Schneider sent my installer experimental firmware (I say this because it hasn't been released yet apparently), and that solved the hertz problem. But now when batteries get to low voltage and gen comes on, the inverter won't charge the batteries and we loose power.  This crap has been going on for over a month and Schneider doesn't seem to have any answers. Any other off grid folks have this problem with this new version of the 6848XP?


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    Did not ever notice that with the field test here that ended 15 months ago. Please list what firmware revision you were running, and the new one!  By default AC coupling is on. Is the frequency changing during charge? If so I would disable AC coupling.

    Where are you? NA ?   I would disable AGS and work on that later. You can start a genset right? 

    Please list historic faults, warnings, and events. Your problems probably stem from a setting mistake. I would list all settings that have been changed. If you can't, then a reset to factory may help.

    There are too many interactive settings that can cause issues. This alone is one of the reasons since XW came out in 2005, I have been for building an offgrid firmware version to get all of the grid settings out of XW. The same with Outback Radians. Just too many interactions that should not be in an offgrid power system.
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    Had 03 first, in which Hertz were dropping after generator cut off.  Loaded 09 (not actually released yet, but given to my installer by Schneider to fix the problem.) That fixed the Hertz drop. (was not dropping during charge.)  The fault on the master was for low voltage, # 2 (slave) said "AC disconnect". For what it's worth, when 09 was loaded, the battery charge lights on  the front did not light up.
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