I have XW+6848, 2 MPPT 60-150, AGS, and Conext SCP.  I am not getting any information on the SCP concerning the battery level/system status.  All the parameters are listed for each component followed by a set of brackets where the setpoints should be.  Schneider is no help.  Do I need to update the firmware?  System is about 5 1/2 years old.  Thanks, Kenny


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    Assuming everything was working prior to this anomaly you may want to try a reboot, disconnect the solar first then  the battery power to the inverter, wait a few minutes for the capacitors to discharge, the longer the better, then power up using DC first to establish nominal voltage.

    Firmware likely has evolved since  the install was done but that in itself shouldn't cause the problem described as it is written in EPROM, start with the simple solutions before moving to more complexity. Being 5 1/2 years old it is most likely out of support, but that doesn't necessarily mean the equipment is no good. Make sure the XANBUS connections are all good with the end of line devices in place.
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    the SCP is still in production and is supported

    But there must be a reason it stopped working. Are all the cables secure ?
    Are the termination plugs on both ends of the xanbus ?
    if removing power from the SCP (it's powered by the xanbus) and re-connecting didn't help, then maybe you need to power the entire system down for 5 min and bring it back up and see if it restarts.

    What device do you have to update the firmware on the SCP ?

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