Use a vfx 3648 control board in a gvfx 3648 inverter?

The control board on my gvfx 3648 went out on me and a friend has a spare vfx 3648 control board that I can borrow. Does anyone here have actual experience with using a vfx control board in a gvfx inverter? I contacted Amos at Zonna and he said that the FET and AC boards are the same in the 2 inverters and he thought it should work fine. I'm in Baja and there aren't too many options to getting the correct part down here in a timely fashion. I'm offgrid and do not have a grid option either. My generator is getting some overtime use now.
Off grid in northern Baja, 2- vfx3648, FM80,  2280 w pv array pole mounted with solar trackers, 300ah LiFepo4 battery bank, Kubota 6.5kw Diesel gen.


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