In Line Duct Fan Off Grid

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What are your guys thoughts on running an in line duct fan on an off grid solar battery bank (250 ah) via an Inverter power supply. Fan uses 21 watts and 1.2 amps when running. Will not run continuously, and will be controlled by a thermostat to come on when needed. Typical usage estimated at a few hours a day. 


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    For a compost toilet? Whatever the application it should work.
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    You may want to consider a brushless DC duct fan and run directly with a panel, if running is during the day is all that is needed.
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    Thanks for the input. Im actually running a 4” duct line from the wood burner area into a new room I added to the cabin. The goal is to transfer “some” heat into the new room to a vent. Ive been looking at some low wattage bathroom exhaust fans as a possibility or now looking at some in line duct fans. The in line fan im looking at now is actually a EC-motor that is controlled using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Like i said before, I only want the fan to kick on when temp set point is below desired. Any other ideas for this application? The cabin is weekend use. Thanks

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    A 4”vent  fan won’t make much difference , the best way to move heat is a regular box fan sitting on the floor blowing into the room . 
     The fan will circulate heat nicely .
     If you have 2 rooms back to back you could place a fan at the top of the wall and blow heat into the room . 
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    i'll second the idea for using a cheap 20" box fan, you need to move a fair amount of air, slowly, so it does not feel cold and drafty
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