First wind mill, having trouble with too low voltage

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I've over the past year saved up and gotten myself 2 vertical windmills, rated 24v 600w.
My problem is that even at what I'd debate is the top speed it'll be reaching, it's only generating 18v.

I've been trying to look into MPPT controllers or DC to DC step up modules, but it's all too complex for me to comprehend.
Is there a way that I can increase the volt to 24v or over for my 24v battery and grid inverter?
Thank you!


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    VA windmills inherently only produce half of what the same swept area can produce with a HA turbine.

    And vendors lie about production.
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    Yeah I've been getting that vibe from things seeing as it's unable to deliver 24v at it's rated windspeed.
    By now I'm really just calculating whether they'd be worth keeping in my situation, maybe if I could still get 100-200 watts output.
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    You can try a boost converter (DC to DC step up power converter). Here is one example (I know nothing about the product--Just an example):

    But frankly, I have never heard of a VAWT that worked, let alone worked reliably. (I am not a wind turbine engineer--Just from everything I have read, VAWT just do not produce any useful energy, and the few that did, would not last very long).

    The other possible issue--Any type of wind turbine needs to be mounted on a tower above ground and local obstructions (typically 30 feet minimum above the ground) and fly in non-turbulent air.

    Many Vertical wind turbines advertise that they work in turbulent wind (mount on top of building/roof). The reality is very little usable airflow in turbulent air flow. HAWT or VAWT--Neither will do much in turbulent airflow.

    Wind turbines are where the do it yourself type seem to work better than about anything you can purchase off the shelf.

    If you are looking for just a few hundred Watts--Can you use solar panels. For Demark (guessing your location), fixed array facing south:

    Average Solar Insolation figures

    Measured in kWh/m2/day onto a solar panel set at a 34° angle from vertical:
    (For best year-round performance)


    Say you want a 1,000 WH of energy per day, in dead of winter.
    • 1,000 WH per day * 1/0.52 typical off grid AC battery solar system efficiency * 1/1.27 average hours of sun per day (Winter) = 1,514 Watt array minimum
    Not great sun, so solar is not a wonderful option--But if you need the energy, a large enough array may work for your needs (if usage kept small/have a backup genset).

    If these is for a "summer" cabin, anything over 3 hours of sun is not too bad:
    • 1,000 WH per day * 1/0.52 off grid system eff * 1/3.0 hours ("summer") of sun = 641 Watt Array minimum
    Your thoughts?

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