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Hi just purchased a 300 Watt Solar Blanket. The controller is not designed for my lithium batteries. I been told I should purchase MPPT but I'm not sure the Amp's required. Or where to purchase a good quality MPPT. Appreciate any advise. Thanks. It my first solar experience.


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    Here’s a good quality PWM controller. I use their smaller 180 watt system with my LiFeP04 battery. 

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    The problem with most inexpensive controllers is they have generic algorithms tailored primarily for lead acid battery variants, whilst they may work with some lithium  batteries with an integrated BMS, they won't work with all. You need to know the exact chemistry and series cell count as cell voltage differs between them, significantly enough to cause damage including toxic fumes or spontaneous combination.

    Morningstar has controllers which are infinitely adjustable via software, both PWM and MPPT, which can be tailored to the battery's needs but as mentioned above you need to know what cells you have.
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    The charge controller has to be compatible with your battery.   The voltage setpoints need to match what the battery is designed for.
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