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Hi, I have 3 x 180 watt 24volt Pv panels and would like a mppt, I have been looking at fangspun for one of these, can any of you guys recommend one of their pieces of kit, I am new to this and any advice is welcome.


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    I can't say that I would recommend the brand. While I have no experience I can say that Fangpusun seems to copy many of the established brand solar charge controllers, at least on the surface. Internally I don't know. Maybe some member with working experience will chime in.

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    It's a clone of another well know controller.  It's quality may be bad, or good, you pay your $$ and take your chances

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    One other generic set of questions... You need to match the Vmp-array with the Vpanel input rating and Vbatt output of the solar charge controller...

    If you have a 12 volt battery bank, then any reasonable connection on the solar array side would be OK. If you have a 24 or 48 volt battery bank, then you need Vmp-array to be, at least, 35+ VDC for a 24 volt bank, and 72 Volts Vmp-array or greater for a 48 volt battery bank.

    And you need to know the exact Vmp/Imp/Voc rating of the panels, and the input/output rating of the solar charge controller, and the rough location of the system... If very cold regions, Voc/Vmp increase (go up as panel temperatures go down), and can exceed the Vpanel input ratings.

    "24 volt" solar panels is not really enough information to go on... They could be Voc~24 volts and Vmp~18-20 volts, or Vmp~24 volts and Voc~36 volts, or Vmp~30 volts, or Vmp~36 volts, etc. All have been called "24 volt" panels. Details matter here.

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    I can only imagine the directions. 
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    Here in NZ  , That brand is available along with the Outback one it is a copy of .....the price difference is such that i would personally not bother . And stick with the known brand and known backup .
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    Thanks guys, I will have a look when I finish work at the specs x 
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    hi, these are the specs of the 3 panels which I have, I was thinking of buying a mppt charger from china, fangpsun 100/50, to be honest I know very little about these, I live in the northeast uk , the panels are not permanently fixed, I have two large acid batteries. Any help in sizing a charger is very welcome 
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    What nominal voltage will the batteries be wired for ? (eg 2 x 12v in series for 24v nominal or ?)
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    Hi , yes 2 x 12 in series, 
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    you will need to have  minimum of 2 panels in series  to properly charge a 24 V battery bank.  The CC will generate a lot of heat etc. if 3 in series is used for 24V bank.  Best to go for a name brand CC like MidNite Solar Classic or depending on size of bank a  KID (US) 
    Or there is Victron from Holland but I do not have any of their products..
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    2 panels in series into a 24v bank would be ideal, but 3 in series isn't bad.  If you don't expect to add more panels, something like a Midnite kid - 150v, 30a.  I wouldn't use a 100v controller, as I suspect NE UK could get cold enough for a ~90Voc string to overvoltage.
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