Just purchased 2 Valence batteries need help

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Just joined and first question?
I have been told these are some of the best batteries for our use. Expensive so I hope so !

I just bought "Valence Lithium Battery U27-12XP | 12V 138AH 1.766 kWh BUNDLE. This bundle includes 2 9.5 inch copper connection cables and 1 BMS cable " as the ad states. This has U-Charge whatever that means I hope it is the same battery everyone uses. Does the battery come with software so you can run  test that I have seen others use?
Are Copper wires for putting them in Series or Parallel?
What does the BMS cable connect to?
Is there a PDF on using a Valence?

Thanks in advance guys !


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    Hi Russ,
    Welcome to the forum. I have only seen Valence Lithium batteries mentioned one time here on the form over the last couple of years. So probably no active members here use them. I did a search, but found no readily available technical documentation on these batteries. Did you contact the battery vendor for support? Another avenue would be to contact the manufacturer, LithiumWerks, their number is 512-527-2900 and ask for tech support.

    These are called drop-in replacements for AGM type lead acid batteries so the charging requirements should be similar. These batteries each have a balancing BMS built in, but they really need to be connected in parallel for a day or so to get the batteries balanced with each other before installing them. Install them in parallel for a 12 volt system and series for a 24 volt system. Can't really comment on the external BMS or software for monitoring.

    Keep in mind these batteries balance at the end of the absorb cycle just before they go to float. Lithium batteries keep their balance pretty well over long periods of time so it is not necessary to complete the absorb cycle on a routine basis, in other words, I wouldn't go out of my way to make it happen too often, unless you're using a battery monitor. In that case you want to get to float once a week or so to keep the monitor accurate.

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    Interesting concept, each 12V nominal block has on board electronics interconnected to an external BMS linked togethevia a communication cable. According to the website https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://lithiumwerks.com/valence-batteries/&ved=2ahUKEwjN3I_e56LlAhVJsI8KHTGIAS4QFjALegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw10rvBhKKSrNYjTDJ_ya6Sw
    they can be connected in series or series parallel with communication to a PC via the optional Canbus tool kit.
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    I have been hearing about many units of this brand in 138ah, being sold after removal from service in medical equipment. Sort of like the used UPS batteries, functional but used. I would like to hear more from an actual user.

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