Automotive style battery tester

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With a small fleet of aging cars, trucks and 4WDs, healthy batteries can be a challenge. Decided to give an automotive style battery tester a chance. This one is designed for pretty large batteries - up to 220 Ah or 2000 CCA. My FullRivers are 270 Ah - there is that. Finding a battery tester for that size battery was not immediately fruitful. Worthwhile investment just for auto batteries I think. Many believe car batteries are not lasting anything like they used to. A curious development considering the damage that modern car computers can receive from battery problems. 

Our host does not appear to offer a "solar battery tester" at this time.
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    Solar batteries are not designed to be tested in a 30 sec test.   You need to deplete the battery to a known voltage at an known temperature, let things stabilize for a few hours, then carefully recharge and see how much power is needed to refill the battery.  But this can take 2 days to complete, and nobody does it.  If you kept daily logs of Discharge and Recharge, you can see any developing trend as the battery ages. ( as it ages, the recharge efficiency goes down)  Of course the gold standard is to measure the specific gravity, but can't do that with AGM
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    mike95490 said:
    Solar batteries are not designed to be tested in a 30 sec test.   You need to deplete the battery to a known voltage at an known temperature.................

    This is the ONLY test that is accepted by Concorde and Fullriver, so this is the only way that we test battery capacity. (Based on known parameters as you said) I can list many, many examples of people condemning batteries based on their high end capacitance tester. 
    Example: If a battery is rated to provide 400 ah, and it gives me 400 ah - I have no doubt of what the storage capacity of that battery is. It really does boil down to this very simple and reliable approach

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