Upgrading to lithium

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Need help understanding difference between Battle Born & Simplphi.

1C compare 2.5
48v system now with L16

Simpliphi        48v 69ah $2890 @altestore ;
12v-4Battle born.    48v  100ah $ 4k 
24v-2.         "              48v   50 ah  2k

Which the best way to go.  We using it @ offgrid site, was alrdy set up to 48v before we bought it .


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    You might figure your total amphours, 

    Currently you have L16, (1 string?)and at birth they had roughly 340 ah at 48 volts or roughly 340ah x 48 volts = 16,320 watt hour of which you could use 50% or so without much fear of damaging the batteries, or about   8,160  watt hours. L16s should run roughly 250 per 6 volt battery  x   8 =   $2000

    Simpliphi have 69 ah at 48 volts or 69ah x 48 volts =3312 watt hours of which 85% is usable without fear of damaging the battery or about 2815 watt hours.

    Battleborn  have 100ah at 48 volts  for about 4800 watt hours of which 85% is usable  for about 4100 watt hours is  usable.

    I'd suggest  2 strings of the  Battleborn 100ah or 3 strings  of the SImpliphi 69ah would give you roughly the same amount of usable storage, hopefully for many extra years.

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    Battle Born are drop in replacement type each with their own built-in BMS, Simpliphi is an engendered system with a single BMS designed to work in conjunction with certain systems like Schneider and Outback, but could be used with others. The other option is to build a DIY bank with prysmatic cells which is significantly less expensive, understanding the limitations of lithium batteries particularly regarding  low temperature will apply to any selection. Performance wise they are an excellent choice surpassing lead acid in almost every aspect.
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    Thx for the info. Have been checking out those prysmatic cells as well. 
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