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*Rated voltage: 220-240V/ 50Hz My batteries are 12 volt 360 amp/hr lithium .
*Rated power: 730W-860W what effect would that have on my batteries over a 3 hour use if during that time my solar panels are producing between 30/40 amps at 12 volts.A rough idea would help.


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    The panels would cover roughly 1/2 washer load, so the remaining 400x3=1.2kwh would come from batteries. 

    Assuming no other loads, and initially full bank, that would take it down from 360x12=4.3kwh to ~3.1kwh (~70%).  Could be lower with system losses and possibly poor PF machine motor.
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    The rated power is dependent on supply voltage the lower value for the higher voltage. That is the maximum run power when the heating element is on, not the average, to get a more accurate figure a power monitoring device, "kill a watt" or like,  would be needed. 
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    Killing the DW drying cycle would save a bunch of WH.  Using heated water from some other source would reduce consumption as well.  

    The big draw from a DW is the heater cycles.  Motor and pump are pretty small.

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    I actually run a dishwasher from a small 12V inverter.  Modern dishwashers only consume 100W maximum and 1KWH exclusive of the heating element. Typically it is only 85W as measured going into the inverter.  I run heated water to the dishwasher and added a lot of insulation to the outside of the tank which has high heat loss. Power to the existing element now goes to a relay.  That switches the water heater control from heating water to powering the washers heating element.   In addition, in the drying mode the heater is normally has an on/off cycle to reduce wattage.  As I only run 60V from my panels I have a timer to keep it on maximizing the heating.That won't work in 220 land. Too elaborate for most everyone, but this lets me have a dishwasher with only a car battery.  I had thought I married a dishwasher. I have been informed this is not true.
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    Got my devanti counter dishwasher -no trouble running it off my batteries-the problem is it doesn't clean the dishes.I will try with extra powder again today.
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    Good hot water is the key
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