Connecting a micro grid tie inverter to load terminals of charge controller

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Perhaps some one has answered this question before, couldn't find anything regarding this in the search. I am running roughly 800 watts to a  24v renogy pg 40 amp CC and my batteries are always at 100% by noon. Will it hurt the charge controller if I connect a solinba 24v grid-tie 500 watt micro-inverter to the load terminals?
I would rather use the energy rather than let it dissipate however not at the cost to my system. I plan to pull more load through the off grid inverter eventually however, just wanted to know if the grid tie is a temporary option. Thanks. 


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    I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm not familiar with the microinverter.  Generally, they're designed to attach directly to pv.

    The way diversion/opportunity loads larger than a couple of small lights etc are generally done is with the load terminal output triggering a relay, which controls current from battery to inverter or other larger loads.
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    >  Will it hurt the charge controller if I connect a solinba 24v grid-tie 500 watt micro-inverter to the load terminals?

    1) Likely, yes, it will cook the transistor in the load circuit.  500w @ 24V is about 20A thru the charge controller.

    2) More importantly, is the 24v inverter is designed to run directly off PV  ?   Connecting it to a battery could fry it.  Or maybe you have a battery based GT inverter and it will be fine.

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     If you, or someone else, is home during mid day/afternoon hours. You can try making use of opportunity loads. Vacuuming, laundry, workshop projects, etc. Do you have a separate off grid system and grid power? This could complicate things as to powering these loads from the off grid set up will require getting off grid power to them.
     Bear in mind, the cost of replacing batteries will be higher than the value of the power you will produce with an off grid system.

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    Thanks to all for the advice. I took the suggestions and rather than connecting the GT inverter to CC, I decided to reconfigure the solar panel connections to split 400 watts for the off grid system (independent) and 400 watts directly to GT inverter on a seperate circuit. both systems are working great. Off grid batteries are charged up by 5pm.   
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