Trojan 205AmpHr Equalization

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hi, I have never done an equalization to my batteries, I bought it like 8 months ago, Trojan 205AmpHr - 12Batteries @48VDC, I’m using a Outback Flexmax 80.
Is it true that AGM should not be equalize?
if not, been not to technical, what’s the process charge the batteries at high volt for a period of time?


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    Do not equalize AGM batteries, the high voltage will cause excessive gassing and wreck the batteries. But do log on to Trojan and get their recommended charge schedule.

    Rolls-Surette has a very good battery manual "Battery Users Manual" on their website, do get that manual, it's the best "care and feeding" battery book I've seen, and yes the Rolls-Surette AGM section does directly relate to your Trojan AGM batteries.
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    Trojan specifically say their AGM batteries should never be equalized, charging at higher voltage than recommended can cause the formation of gasses, hydrogen and oxygen, at rates greater than they can be recombined back into water, which is possible  unnder normal conditions. There is a valve which releases any overpressurization to atmosphere, once lost they can not be replaced. This results in the drying of the paste like electrolyte which reduces capacity and premature failure. Attached pdf provides information regarding Trojan batteries.
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