Help me choose a linear actuator

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Hi! I want to put myself a linear actuator on the sliding gate to the cottage. I looked in the internet, there are a lot of offers and the prices are very different. Maybe there are people here who understand this and can advise me what type of actuator is better, manufacturer and where to buy? I will be very grateful.


  • KapitonovKapitonov Registered Users, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 2
    I still stuck with this problem. Can't decide which is better. Any help?
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    How large is the gate ?
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    For any distance over a couple feet, Which it sounds like you have with a sliding gate you might look into chain drive openers.

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    heres  the place I got my actuator from

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    I used a garage door opener (chain drive) to open a sliding gate many years ago...
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