Honda generator question

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A neighbor gave me a Honda EU2000i generator. In checking it out, I get 125 VAC with my voltmeter when connected to the HOT and NEUTRAL of the receptacle. But only 62.5 VAC when connected to HOT and GROUND. What gives?


  • Desert RatDesert Rat Solar Expert Posts: 122 ✭✭✭

    OK, I realized that Neutral and Ground are not bonded in this generator. Did I answer my own question?

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    Mr Rat. Both of the cords on my two EU2000i’s broke within three days of each other last week. I replaced them with these Kevlar cords:

    You need to take ALL of the covers off to replace. The second one only took an hour and a half...the first took a bit longer. Google’s your friend here :)

    PS. Mel and I did the drive up to the top of the Christmas Mtn’s this morning...beautiful.

    Best. PP.

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