Low voltage panels

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    Those panels are just plain weird! VMP 11.71 volts.....what would you do with those oddball panels....pretty useless...anybody got a 6 volt solar system.

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    Long ago, (1991), Mobil Solar put out a 220 watt low voltage panel. The data label is a bit hard to read but shows 10.55 Vmp. at rather high current. Clearly intended for high module count series strings.

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    Seems to me such a panel might be useful on its own for something like a low voltage remote road sign light, or data aquisition module.

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    They have them on eBay if you need some. Was wondering if you put 2 in series on pwm in the summer heat you wouldn't have to worry as much about voltage drop with longer distances.

    Blue ridge mts. Renogy 400 watts manual tracking . Epever mppt 30. 2 GC 208 [email protected] volts 300 watt psw inverter. 2 kw genny. Iota 45.
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    Let me guess.....from ML Solar in Cambell.....there are 4 separate strings in each panel.....they are about 7.5 amps @. 11.5 volts each string and can be wired in series or parallel on each panel..unusual to say the least! 216 cell panels in a 12 X 18 matrix. These were manufactured for utility scale feed in.....not for grid tie use. ML Solar buys manufacturers leftovers and sometimes assembles their own panels under another name.......Infinium.....BEWARE ! Infinium panels are not UL listed or on any list of acceptable panels for code use......they will not pass BEWARE ! These particular panels are not infinium but get it in writing and signed by Jeff that they are UL listed and acceptable to be used ( on the utility list of acceptable panels) Freind got burned for 5 thou there BEWARE Isaw these turkeys there years ago....... offer .12-15 cents a watt...off grid no code only!,

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