Solar panel maintenance is very costly?

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Solar panel maintenance is very costly?


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    The panels themselves are extremely low maintenance, it's the other components, especially batteries, depending on chemistry which demand maintenance. Rule of thumb panels 25 years, occasional cleaning, electronics ~10 years +/-, batteries 5-10 years or less depending on how they're treated and what is chosen, or if they're needed in the first place.

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    The average cost of an annual inspection for a household rooftop solar PV system is approximately $150.00. The average cost of having your panels cleaned by a reputable solar installation company ranges from $10.00 – $20.00 per panel.

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    Cleaning a panel is like washing a window though safety issues may present. The panels are the easy part. Heavy rains will also clean them - enough - most of the time - in theory. I've never really cleaned my panels other than brushing off snow.

    Part of the key to solar is proper installation. I did things right the first time and that is pretty free of problems. I experimented and stuff the second time - that system has occasional issues. It was mostly for fun anyway.

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