Multiple charge controllers for one battery bank

I currently have one 330watt solar panel hooked up to a MPPT controller that is charging a 12V 300AH LifePo4 battery bank in my camper conversion. Would it be possible to connect a second MPPT charger controller to a second (smaller) solar panel and charge the same battery bank with both charge controllers efficiently? 

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    Multiple charge controllers on a bank is done often, and is generally not a problem.

    One issue that can arise is when the controllers don't communicate (generally just the large, higher end ones do), they may get a bit out of step in charging. Typically, one sees a bit higher voltage than the other, but with a lithium bank and fairly conservative voltage, it shouldn't be an issue.

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    Be sure your battery preservation system (BMS) and charge controllers are all going to play well together, you don't want to cook anything

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    Larynx -

    Our 19' Roadtrek has very limited real estate. Our son was able to get a 100 W and a 315 w panel installed. This required two controllers to the 4.5 kW-hr 12 V nominal battery suite. It has worked well on trip to Labrador (1000 km of fairly rough gravel) and Newfoundland and two trips to Yucatan. Battery suite is below bed with a blower that sends warm air from cabin to the battery box when temperature drops below 40 F (5 C). Scared the heck out of it the first time it did this at outside temp of 18 F (-8C). It never got above 85 F ambient in Yucatan.

    We got leary of line power when we went up west coast of Mexico. Two RV sites in a row had very bad electricity: no ground. This resulted in shock when touching frame. So went just used solar the last four weeks of trip. We have since installed a ground cable to frame along with a thick copper rod pounded into earth. On beach of Yucatan, we put a pailful of sea water onto sand by rod.

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