Need advice for using a mini split with a solar set up that I will be doing

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Super noob at solar technology and electricity anything really.... I'm building an off grid tiny house that won't be any larger than about 300 Sqft and am looking at options for an efficient A/C unit to use. I live on Maui so all I need it for is cooling my home and I will probably only be using the A/C for maybe 4 hours per day at the most. This is the unit I was looking at . Info I currently do know about the system right now is that I'll be getting a 10kwh battery bank, and an inverter with a 1.8kw rating. Don't have any specs on the panels at the moment, just that I am looking at doing probably 6 panels.... Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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    That unit is very similar to the Diakin one I installed, the compressor is soft start so a 1.8Kw inverter should handle it without problems, 10Kw battery should be good but it really depends on other loads and the ability to recharge. If the opportunity exists to use grid power, or generator if need be, along a power logging device, to get an accurate consumption figure in actual conditions, that would be the best to aid design. The unit I use is for a 200 square foot insulated room, once the setpoint temperature, which uses 500W for ~15 minutes , is met, it cycles using ~175W, the break between cycles is ~20W,  haven't had the opportunity to run extensive logging  because it was not needed soon after installation. The PV calculation will be based largely on consumption and sized, like the battery to cover x number of days of autonomy.
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    Thermal storage (a large tank of water) is much much cheaper than battery storage.  But it does require switching to an air to water heat pump (like Chiltrix).

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    With only 300 sf to cool I'd consider an inverter based window AC unit.      Here is a thread on one.

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