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Next year a commercial 600’ windmill is being built..  it will be south of were I’m planning to install my solar panels.   The windmill will be approximately 2,500’ away, and is in direct line with morning sun.  Does anyone know if the Flickr affect will impact my panels.  Thanks Bob
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    Your panels will not be damaged... Your MPPT type charge controller (or GT Inverter) will be confused and probably not produce much power while subject to flicker. A PWM charge controller will probably not do much other than charge the battery bank normally (with reduced average current because of the flicker).

    2,500 feet away, the time your panels will be subjected to flicker is probably on the order of a handful of minutes less than a week or two per year.

    Personally, I would be a bit more worried that pronounced flicker on east facing windows (bedrooms, kitchen, etc.) would be pretty annoying or worse (seizure inducing, worst case).

    Are you sure the turbines are not to the East of you? I would guess turbines to the south of you would only be an issue if you are near the arctic circle (sun needs to be near horizon to cast "shadows" a 1/2 mile away).

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    It will reduce the power as the shadow moves across the panels.   What time will the sun clear the blades ?
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