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    Marc made a very good MPPT charge controllers... However, he has not been back to our forum since August of 2014, and as far as I could tell, his Solar charge controller business and website are no more (at least any information I could find points nowhere):

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Sadly Marc shut down production, they are very good units, I think I have a first generation still going. Though I installed it later than you did, I bought it about the time you were installing yours to do some testing. 

    Once others started making MPPT type charge controllers in the 30 amp range Marc no longer it was worth his time to continue the charge controller. It filled a gap for a good while with a very high end product. I think boB even gave him a compliment on his build quality somewhere, perhaps in this thread.
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    Amen to his controller being a great product. I helped a bud install the Rogue in his Motor Home years ago.  It still works like a champ and with 2 100 watt panels that have a Voc of 24 and Vmp of 18.5 that controller rocks! 
    Marc got into a major pissing match on the Tech forum with a know it all engineer..  

    If some are interested it starts here. 
    Marc is Lorelec on page 9 he starts replying... I am Bigfootford
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    We have some instances of folks getting wrapped around the "efficiency" axle too.

    When you look at the details, there are so many "small" errors, losses, physical effects, and simple variations in panel output based on sun, temperature, dirt on panels, etc.... That is why I suggest that if you are within 10% agreement between predicted and "measured" values, you are "dead on" for solar math.

    At "normal" ambient temperatures (>~70F) and under hot sun--I even use the same ~75%-77% derating of panels+charge controller whether PWM or MPPT--Assuming both the PWM and MPPT systems are properly designed and implemented (i.e., using Vmp-array~18 volts for a 12 volt battery bank; and Vmp-array>~24 volts for an MPPT based controller).

    Yes--In more extreme conditions (very cold weather, larger Array/System, long distances from array to battery shed, cheaper $/Watt "GT" solar panels, etc.), MPPT can be much better overall. However that comes at a price (MPPT $$$ > PWM $).

    But we have also seen poorly designed MPPT controllers that can work worse than PWM... Pure fraud of PWM controllers marketed as "MPPT", and even some conditions where MPPT harvests were reduced due to electrical noise on the battery bus (such as battery desulfators).

    In the end, Charge Controllers are tools. Pick the right one for the job and get a quality unit. And be conservative with your assumptions.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    I think the payback is put the money that was budgeted for Mppt and get the lowest cost PWM you can buy. Even a simple relay, no switching losses, just try and match the panels within a few volts of the battery.

    eBay has some used 270 watt panels for 34 dollars as an example, new in the 40 Cent/Watt range. What was old is new again!
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    I am still very pleased with my MPT-3024. 
    Off grid since 1984. 430w of panel, 300w suresine , 4 gc batteries 12v system, Rogue mpt3024 charge controller , air breeze windmill, Mikita 2400w generator . Added 2@ 100w panel with a midnight brat