Need to find a 20a 100v DC surface mount circuit breaker.

bigbillsdbigbillsd Registered Users Posts: 28 ✭✭
I am not finding something like this.   My solar panel manufacturer wants a 20a breaker between the panels and charge controller.  I had to change my panel configuration to serially connecting them to lower the amperage to prevent tripping of my existing cheap breaker.   I am finding it "difficult" to find any 20 amp breakers that support more than 48 volts DC.   As this is in an RV,  space is a major factor, hence the surface mount requirement. 

Anyone know of a source? 

Thanks, Bill
4 each Renogy 160w Solar Panels mounted flat on RV roof, Serially connected @ ~80v,  Victron 100/50 MPPT controller.  520AH LA batteries @ 12volt, 2800w PSW Magnum Inverter.   Bogart Trimetric. 


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