Wildfires are nice for Solar Business



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    softdown said:

    Seems like I always read about strong winds aiding the worst California fires. I'm not currently aware of mankind extinguishing a truly major western wildfire without an assist from Mother Nature. We just can't replicate rain.
    Not understanding you?  Major wildfires are extinguished often without rain.  Bulldozers, firepeople, fire equipment, fixed wings and good old time.

    Rain would be nice but?
    CDF also uses helicopters when appropriate.
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    Definitely, I forgot that... Ever have a Skycrane land near your house? One had an emergency a few years back and came down in a clearing near our place. By the way CDF is still there but called CAL FIRE now.
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    mike95490 said:
    In the 1850s and 1860s, the typical Sierra landscape was of open fields of grass punctuated by isolated pinew scattered oak trees. The first branches on the pine trees started about 20 feet up—lower branches having been burned off by low-intensity grassfires.
    I have spent a lot of time in the Freeman Giant Sequoia grove, near Forks of the Kern in southern Sierras.  In the late 1800s and early 1900s the sheep herders would set the high ground on fire when they left for the the winter grazing grounds. Modern fire suppression practice has allowed the Ponderosa Pines to grow to the point that they have now intermingled with the crowns of the Sequoia trees. This very effectively short circuits the Sequoia's natural fire defense mechanism. It will be a sad day when we loose a Giant Sequoia grove.

    Santa Ana winds are utra low humidity.  I have watched healthy, moist vegetation shrivel to dried leaves that crumble in your hands within an hour or two. I lived at ground zero (San Diego Country Estates) for the Cedar fire, and watched the fire take a steep 600' open space hill behind my house in a matter of seconds, spawning hot mini tornadoes that ran back down the hill. I had a horse at the time and I had 100' of bare dirt between my house and the open space. Almost all of the houses in my area that burned had allowed thick vegetation to build up around their house or garage, which is similar to the issue of Ponderosa Pines in the Giant Sequoia groves.

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