Oversizing an array with mppt controller

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Let's say we you have a 40 amp mppt controller rated for 500 watts input at 12v. 1000 at 24v.
What would. The result be if you were to exceed the max watt input while remaining within max voltage input?


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    Controllers generally can tolerate over paneling, the amount by which is different between manufacturers, the maximum  current capacity is usually a fixed value, so the only advantage will be in less than full sunlight. Before considering over paneling check with the manufacturers recommendations, those with string a calculator will let you know if the amount exceeds limitations.
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    There are a lot of variables, but as a general proposition you can hook up more wattage, within reason (say 30% more), of pv without problems This can be quite useful in getting some meaningful charging current on lightly overcast days.

    Generally speaking, charge controllers won't put out more than rated, so overpanelling within reason is okay. In an extreme situation (like 2-3x overpanelling), it's conceivable that the controller couldn't react fast enough to an edge of cloud sort of situation to limit output, but otherwise the panels simply won't put out more wattage than the controller calls for.
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    Here's what EPever says about their Tracer MPPT controllers.

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    One reason that way too high of input power is hard on MPPT controllers is that when they limit, they usually have to run at a higher input voltage to do the limiting.  This makes them (typically) run hotter at that voltage.
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