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Hi guys am new here ,but i need some.of your help

I have 2x250w 36v max systwm power voltagea solar pannels.
I want to charge a euro deep cycle battery 200ah.
So is it capable for me to charge with a normal 30 amps charge controller to charge a 12v ,200ah euro deep cycle battery ?


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    Welcome to the forum mopei

    With the two panels the maximum current would exceed 30 A, 500 × 0.75 ÷,12 = 31.5A, this value will vary  depending on battery voltage and panel temperature, so just a rough guide. The type of controller would need to be a maximum power point tracking, or MPPT, to reduce the voltage to the needs of the battery around 11-16 volts, a 40-45A version would be better suited for the task.
    This link has some very useful information which may answer many questions you are however free to ask questions , many here are willing to provide guidance.
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