Solar Charging a 48V go kart



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    If A & B are where the AC power comes in, do not place a jumper across them.  (well, I would not)  The green disk thing looks to be a surge suppressor (oddly with a diode silkscreen under it??),  if you are putting a jumper across it, you could just leave it in, or remove it to give yourself more room.

    But that layout looks not quite right to me, for a voltage select jumper set.

    Gauge, 16ga wire would work, 17 is a non-standard size, 16 is the next larger
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    Well, I figured, lets give this a try.

    I removed the screws from both of the ends to open the charger up. The housing is an enclosed box.

    I figured the circuit board would just slide right out.

    Nope, there are components that are soldered to the circuit board & also glued to the inside of the box.

    But, luckily the area that I needed to work with was near one end & pretty easily accessible.

    So, first I clipped the Lima bean looking thing out (as per the instructions)

    Then, I soldered in (2) 16g. jumper wires (also, as per the instructions)

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    OK, now If it's supposed to be, preset to a 49V top charge, like I specifically ordered, right from the factory

    …& NOT 50.4V or 54.6V like most 48V lithium chargers are.

    What should the voltage be coming out of the DC output plug?


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