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I was reading Marc Kurth's post on another forum and when I clicked his name, I wound up here. so I am going to ask my question to him or anyone else. I need new Deep cycle for my RV, I don't want wet, so looking at 12v agm, lifeline is tooting their wedsite of having advanced agm, and Marc says he sell concord xtender/lifeline and they honor warrenty. I see only 1 yr of concord but 5yr pro rated and 1 yr free replacemeny, so I am trying to justify that both these cost 2x what I can get of other brands, like NPP, now I heard there are only 2 places in the USA making batteries, so I am confused. any input? anyone?


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    5yr/1yr was lifeline
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    The question is basically would it be better to pay double to get a warranty, I'm of the opinion it may be better to go the less expensive route, if they last any more than 50% of the more expensive you are ahead of the game and will have new replacements rather than half, or more depleted, but again just an opinion.
    Warranties are always factored into the price, usually redeemable by purchasing from the same company, read the fine print, then read again, often there are clauses missed, such as maintenance documentation requirements for redemption and the like.
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    I was reading Marc Kurth's post on another forum and when I clicked his name,
    If you put an @ ahead of his name he may get a message that someone has paged his spirit! @Marc Kurth 

    Sometimes the 'pro rated' warranties are really only about 2/3rds as long as they seem. They are based on the retail value, if you paid a discounted price the warranty basically expires when the pro rated value has ended. Hence a $5 retail battery you bought for $3, only, really has a 3 year prorated warranty. Worth checking into.
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