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I want to use lithium battery for the ups. So any ups available with the option of varying the charging voltage?


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    Many good quality inverter chargers are programmable for charger settings (Schneider, Magnum, possibly outback).

    Mostly medium to larger inverter-chargers.

    Do you have an inverter wattage rating and battery bus voltage you are looking for?

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    Outback Power makes Radian 4000 and 8000 watt inverter chargers with 7 modes of operation, one of them is a UPS mode. The charger can be configured to charge lithium batteries.

    I have the Radian GS4048A, and although I haven't used the UPS mode, I have used the Radian to charge my 207AH LiFePO4 battery bank from the grid a number of times prior to bad weather events.

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    Generally, you have to pick the correct number of cells to give you (for example 22-23 volts low voltage cutoff and somewhere around 30 volts maximum (different Li Ion chemistries have different min-max ranges).

    And most most Likely Ion have zero temperature compensation for charging voltage.

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    There are always the drop in replacements for lead acid, no experience personally, but asking the manufacturer may be an option worth looking into
    What I do know by asking the manufacturer directly is they are constructed with many small cells in a series parallel configuration, with a built-in  BMS, their claim of 100% DOD, inclues a safty margin, in other words, their capacity is actually greater than the nominal rating, so 100% discharge is actually 90%, likewise the 100% charged is actually ~95%, to prevent overcharging/discharging.
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