California to require new homes to have solar in 2020...

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I admit I haven't checked on the rules and methods of this, and I applaud the idea....

...but some houses and locations have such a poor layout for solar this doesn't make any sense to me.

I know when I was looking for a lot in our park for good solar access only 1 in 40 had reasonable solar access with cutting trees on neighboring lots and only about 40 in 1500 were reasonable well setup from the get-go!

I would guess this will have to be over turned or have some measure of setting this aside for those communities that values trees.
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    I think the rules are solar gt only if the house and lot makes sense. Buildings and landscaping that block the sun exempt the home.

    Years ago, there was a good sized development that was going 100% gt solar, but that would have required a new distribution substation (more or less, gt solar has 3 to 4x the peak average power back fed into the grid vs the average peak loads. They dropped the project.

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    That will drive up the prices of both buying and renting in Cali. Its a government mandate and that usually ends very poorly.
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    Details matter. I'd be interested if anyone has any.
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